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Bring your Fine Jewelry visions to life with our custom manufacturing services. As an established OEM/ODM Fine Jewelry manufacturer, we turn your designs into finished pieces with quality craftsmanship. Customize every detail from materials to engravings and finishing. Our experts produce bespoke Fine Jewelry exactly to your specifications.

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Specialized Production for your Brand

3D jewelry Design Leveraging cutting-edge 3D design software, Rexjewel seamlessly translates your bespoke jewelry visions into tangible masterpieces with unmatched detail and precision. This advanced technology not only accelerates the design process but also allows for rapid, meticulous adjustments, ensuring your custom piece is crafted to perfection swiftly and efficiently.
Jewelry Mold Making At Rexjewel, our technicians bring over two decades of expertise to jewelry mold making, crafting durable, detailed molds from quality materials. Our precision-engineered, custom molds efficiently transform your unique designs from concept to finished product.
Sampling Service Experience Rexjewel's exemplary craftsmanship firsthand with our exclusive sampling service, designed to showcase how we can enhance your brand's brilliance. Simply submit your design documents, and let our captivating samples earn your trust and confidence in our expertise.
ODM Jewelry At Rexjewel, your success drives ours, fostering a partnership that begins with your initial concept and extends through the delivery of the finished piece. Engage in a collaborative three-step journey of discussion, design, and development, where your valuable input is integral to each milestone.
OEM jewelry Entrust Rexjewel with your OEM jewelry needs, where your vision is meticulously brought to life with unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Experience a seamless journey from concept to a dazzling finished product, all underlined by our commitment to quality, precision, and your brand’s unique essence.
Private Label Jewelry Leverage Rexjewel’s private label services to effortlessly receive trendy, high-quality custom jewelry that meets consumer demand, all at competitive prices. Eliminate the stress of product creation and development, and let your brand shine with our market-ready, world-class pieces.

Fine Jewelry Collections

Have you ever pondered the distinction between a truly outstanding piece of jewelry and one that is merely satisfactory? Introducing Rexjewel, the artisans transforming raw elements into timeless treasures.

Our specialization lies in the manufacturing of fine jewelry, crafting bespoke solutions ranging from custom designs to private label collections and wholesale offerings. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to delivering unrivaled quality, underpinned by a harmonious fusion of artistry and innovation that distinguishes us in the realm of Jewelry Products.

For us, it transcends beyond the more creation of jewelry; it’s about curating an experience that resonates with each meticulously crafted piece.

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From Concept to Craftsmanship, We Bring Your Vision to Life

01 Step 1: Optimal Material Consultation In the custom wholesale jewelry design process, our 3D design software guides us in selecting the most suitable materials to enhance the product's aesthetics. It provides a clear visualization of how your chosen material will complement the final piece.
02 Step 2: Realize Your Unique Vision Upon receiving your designs, we swiftly translate them into our 3D design tools, allowing us to create diverse samples. This enables us to enhance your custom jewelry in line with contemporary design trends while staying true to your original concept.
03 Step 3: Precise Transmission to Production Once your finalized jewelry design gains your approval, we transmit the file to our production team to craft functional samples. Our use of 3D design software ensures a seamless and error-free transfer of the design, maintaining its accuracy.
04 Step 4: Visualize Your Product Our design tools not only offer visual representations of your custom jewelry project but also transform your ideas into tangible images. This simplifies the process of making significant changes and experimenting with various styles for your selection.
05 Step 5: Identify and Resolve Structural Concerns During the design phase, we proactively detect potential issues with the final custom jewelry design, addressing them before entering the production stage to ensure structural integrity.
06 Step 6: Cost-Effective Design without Compromising Appeal Leveraging 3D design software allows us to explore endless design and material combinations without the need for physical materials, resulting in significant cost savings while maintaining the desired aesthetic appeal.

Why Choose Rex Jewelry

Rely on Rexjewel for translating your unique jewelry designs into tangible masterpieces. With over a decade of seasoned experience, we navigate through intricate designs and various materials seamlessly, transforming your creative ideas into marketable and exquisite jewelry pieces for your brand.

At Rexjewel, quality is non-negotiable. Our manufacturing facilities proudly hold certifications from top industry authorities, ensuring that the custom jewelry you receive is not just stunning but also meets the highest international standards of quality and reliability.

Distinguish your brand with custom jewelry crafted from an extensive array of high-quality materials. Our deep relationships with trusted suppliers and a robust supply chain allow us to offer unparalleled material variety without compromising on quality, ensuring your designs are both unique and premium.

Quality is integral to Rexjewel’s manufacturing process. To ensure each piece mirrors our commitment to excellence, meticulous quality control measures are embedded at every production phase, with experienced auditors diligently examining each product batch prior to packaging.

Rexjewel champions sustainable jewelry production. Beyond utilizing premium and durable materials, we are deeply committed to crafting each jewelry piece with eco-conscious practices, from responsible sourcing to minimizing our environmental impact, aligning with the growing demand for responsible manufacturing.

Experience unmatched after-sales service with Rexjewel. From addressing your inquiries promptly to resolving any production-related issues effectively, our dedicated support and expert teams work hand-in-hand to ensure a smooth and satisfying customer experience from start to finish.

Private Label Fine Jewelry Manufacturers

Step#1 Ideation and Consultation

Start with a clear vision for the collection. Investigate current trends, customer likes and dislikes, and the cost of materials to shape the concept. Creativity takes center stage during this phase, yet it is informed by market insights. Collaboration with trend analysts or the use of focus groups to validate ideas is advisable.

Step#2 Select Your Partner

Identify a reliable manufacturing partner. Evaluate their expertise, portfolio, and credibility. Rexjewel stands as an option known for its blend of modern technology and artisanal skills. It’s vital to also assess their communication, flexibility, and ability to meet deadlines. Each of these elements contributes to a successful, long-term partnership.

Step#3 Design Development

Design drafts are shared and consultations with designers are conducted, often utilizing Computer-aided design (CAD) for precision. Openness to suggestions from the design team is crucial at this stage, as technical expertise complements creative vision. Approval of all design aspects, even the smallest details, is necessary to advance to the prototyping phase.

Step#4 Material Sourcing

Decide on the types of metals and gems to be used. For example, consider the impact of using recycled materials to appeal to eco-conscious customers. Understanding the target market’s preferences can have a significant impact on material choices. Sourcing materials from certified suppliers ensures both quality and ethical standards.

Step#5 Prototyping

According to Simplilearn, a prototype is a product built to test ideas and changes until it resembles the final product. This is a critical step for identifying any design flaws or opportunities for enhancements. Finalize all modifications when prototyping, as it’s the last checkpoint before mass production. Confirm the prototype matches the vision before moving to production to ensure the final product meets the expectations.

Step#6 Production

Once the prototype is approved, large-scale manufacturing begins. Attention to detail at this stage can make or break the collection. Don’t underestimate the power of consistent oversight; it’s the vision on the line. Set up regular check-ins with the manufacturing partner to monitor the production progress and quality. Consider employing third-party quality control services to ensure every piece meets the established standards.

Step#7 Quality Control and Packaging

Meticulously examine each piece for quality, employing rigorous tests and evaluations to ensure that the finished product meets the highest standards of craftsmanship. Then, proceed to the packaging phase, thoughtfully selecting materials and designs that resonate with the brand’s aesthetic. It’s more than wrapping a product; it’s a visual introduction to its quality and the brand’s essence.

Craftsmanship and Fine Jewelry Manufacturing

Step#1 Initial Concept and Design

The first step involves conceptualizing the jewelry piece, which is a collaborative effort between artists and designers. Sketches are meticulously drawn out, and digital prototypes are created using advanced software to bring the envisioned design closer to reality. These digital models allow for a virtual walk-through of the design, ensuring that all elements coalesce harmoniously.

Step#2 Material Selection

Select high-quality materials like precious metals and gems to form the basis of the jewelry. The right material not only ensures durability but also significantly influences the overall aesthetic appeal of the piece. Careful consideration is given to how the chosen materials will interact, complementing each other for an enduring and striking end result.

Step#3 Wax Modeling

A wax model of the jewelry piece is crafted to serve as a template for casting. Utilizing specialized tools, artisans capture even the tiniest details in the wax, ensuring a high level of precision. This attention to detail in the wax model lays the foundation for an equally refined final product. I’ve always found it fascinating how a simple piece of wax can be transformed into a work of art, capturing the essence of the designer’s vision.

Step#4 Casting

The wax model is used to create a mold, into which molten metal is poured to form the jewelry piece. This is a delicate process that demands a keen eye and a steady hand, as even a slight imperfection in the mold can lead to flaws in the finished piece. After the casting is complete, it’s thoroughly inspected for any inconsistencies.

Step#5 Stone Setting

Artisans skillfully set gems or other precious stones into the metal casting with painstaking precision. Each stone is securely anchored, not merely to augment the design, but also to reinforce the overall structural integrity of the jewelry piece. The judicious selection and expert setting of each gem have the power to dramatically amplify the stone’s natural beauty, thereby elevating the entire piece into a sublime work of art.

Step#6 Engraving and Detailing

At Rexjewel, the art of fine detailing and engraving goes beyond mere ornamentation to become a profound expression of our artisans’ commitment to excellence. These intricate additions serve to elevate the piece’s complexity and distinctiveness, turning each creation into a unique masterpiece. Every engraving is not just decoration; it’s a unique signature of our artisans’ skill and commitment, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

Step#7 Polishing

The jewelry undergoes a rigorous polishing process to achieve a lustrous finish. Specialized machinery and hand-polishing techniques are used to bring out the inherent beauty of the materials. This ensures that each piece not only radiates with brilliance but also feels smooth to the touch, elevating the wearer’s experience.

Step#8 Quality Assurance

Final checks are conducted to validate the craftsmanship and quality. This involves a thorough inspection of each item, checking for any defects or deviations from the design specifications. It’s a rigorous process that ensures only the highest quality products proceed to the next stage. Only pieces that meet stringent standards make it to the packaging phase.


Step#1 Initial Concept and Design
Step#2 Material Selection
Step#3 Wax Modeling
Step#4 Casting
Step#5 Stone Setting
Step#6 Engraving and Detailing

5 Considerations When Buying Fine Jewelry

When it comes to purchasing fine jewelry, several factors warrant consideration to ensure a worthy investment. According to Koser Jewelers, fine jewelry is crafted from precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum and features genuine gemstones like diamonds and sapphires. Fine jewelry is both beautiful and durable, a valuable addition to any collection. Below are the key considerations to keep in mind:

#1 Material Quality

When in the market for jewelry, it’s crucial to seek reputable suppliers offering certified metals and gemstones. Certifications such as the 4Cs for diamonds are common indicators of quality and provide a transparent measurement of a gem’s characteristics. Make sure to also inquire about the origin and treatment of the materials, as these factors can greatly impact the overall quality and value of the piece.

#2 Craftsmanship

Don’t merely assess craftsmanship; delve deeply into its subtleties. Superior skill in both design and execution often justifies a higher price point, making the piece an investment as much as an accessory. Look for intricacies in the design, the quality of the stone setting, and the finishing touches that make a piece truly exceptional.

#3 Brand Reputation

Take the time to consider the manufacturer’s reputation carefully. When selecting fine jewelry, don’t settle for less; brands like Rexjewel have set the standard in quality and craftsmanship. Research customer reviews and industry accolades to get a more comprehensive view of a brand’s standing in the market. Personally, I believe that a strong brand reputation assures investing in lasting beauty and quality.

#4 Sustainability

Beyond aesthetics and craftsmanship, also consider, for example, whether the jewelry uses ethically sourced or recycled materials. This is not just a trend but a movement towards responsible consumerism, and it can be a significant selling point for some consumers. Choosing sustainable options contributes to an eco-friendly ethos and results in a meaningful purchase.

#5 Budget and ROI

While it’s essential to set a budget, don’t overlook the return on investment (ROI), especially when purchasing pieces for resale. Think of jewelry not just as a purchase but also as a potential asset that can be appreciated over time. Calculate the long-term value, including factors like rarity and historical significance, to make a truly informed decision.


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If you have questions, ideas, or inquiries about our jewelry manufacturing services, we're here to listen and provide the information you need. We look forward to connecting with you and exploring how we can bring your jewelry visions to life with craftsmanship and creativity.

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If you have questions, ideas, or inquiries about our jewelry manufacturing services, we're here to listen and provide the information you need. We look forward to connecting with you and exploring how we can bring your jewelry visions to life with craftsmanship and creativity.

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