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Rexjewel, at the forefront of custom jewelry manufacturing in China, delivers more than just standard craftsmanship. Our diverse range of services refines and enhances every facet of the jewelry creation process, ensuring each piece stands out with impeccable quality.

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3D Jewelry Design

In today’s fast-moving wholesale jewelry market, handcrafting isn’t enough. Your designs deserve precision and quick turnarounds, and that’s what Rexjewel provides. Our team uses the newest jewelry design software to accurately and efficiently bring your designs to life.

Innovative 3D software enables us to create detailed custom jewelry and make necessary adjustments swiftly before crafting samples. With Rexjewel, you get a blend of modern technology and fine attention to detail, delivering the quality you seek without the wait.

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Jewelry Mold Making Services

When it comes to jewelry mold making, our manufacturing has the expertise to deliver exceptional quality for your designs. With over two decades specializing in mold making, our skilled technicians utilize premier materials and advanced techniques to capture the most intricate details from original models. We craft durable, flexible molds optimized to transform your pieces from concept to high volume production.

Our custom-tailored approach means molds precision-engineered for your exact specifications. Whether a single prototype or reusable for manufacturing, you can trust our mastery in mold making to efficiently take your jewelry from idea to quality finished product. Partner with us for specialty mold expertise built on experience delivering for jewelry clients worldwide.

Materials Used The most common materials used for jewelry molds are silicone rubber, vulcanized rubber, and metal. Silicone molds are flexible and good for casting intricate details. Vulcanized rubber is more durable for casting simple shapes. Metal is used for high-volume production.
Mold Making Process The process starts with an original jewelry model, often made from wax or resin. A two-part mold is created, with the model embedded halfway in each mold half. The mold halves are closed together, creating a negative impression space for the casting material.
Casting the Jewelry Once the mold is made, liquid casting material like resin or molten metal is poured into the mold cavity. When it hardens, the finished cast jewelry piece can be removed. The mold can be reused multiple times to make duplicate castings.

Sampling Service

Explore our sampling service to see the quality we can bring to your brand. Just send us your design documents, and we’ll make samples that aim to earn your trust. Let’s start the conversation about how we can work together to enhance your brand with our fine jewelry manufacturing.

Dive into the intricate world of 3D jewelry design with us. Here’s what our skilled designers can offer:

  • Materials – Types of metal, pearl, gemstone, plating to complete your design
  • Techniques – Engraving, certain types of finish, stone setting, etc.
  • Dimensions – Height, width, diameter, thickness of your main part and components
  • Features – Type of clasp, requirements on accessories, plating thickness, etc.
  • Projected Quantities – Optimize your design regarding your budget from the beginning

If you’re unsure where to start, gather images of jewelry that inspire you. Even basic 2D sketches are a strong foundation for our team to begin with.

Upon receiving your specifications and project concepts, our team utilizes advanced 3D design software to craft a visual model of your jewelry. A file of this initial design is sent your way for review. Any modifications needed? We promptly make adjustments until the design meets your complete satisfaction.

Jewelry manufacturing, particularly with international sourcing, can be a journey of adjustments to produce pieces your brand trusts, and your customers appreciate.

At Rexjewel, we streamline this process for you. Receive custom jewelry samples within a week, allowing you to evaluate and ensure they align with your standards.

Each request for revision is promptly attended to, with continuous tweaks made to the samples until they align with your expectations.

ODM Jewelry

Our commitment to your success drives us to collaborate with you closely, guiding you from the initial concept to the delivery of your completed jewelry. Our process simplifies into three key steps: discussion, design, and development. At each stage, your direction and feedback are integral to our approach.
CONSULTATION To begin, we engage in a comprehensive consultation with you, covering all facets of your project. Share your vision, including your preferences for materials, shapes, finishes, and crafting techniques.
DEVELOP After gathering all the necessary details, our skilled artisans employ advanced CAD software to meticulously craft your design. You will receive a detailed preview of your jewelry, allowing you to make any desired adjustments to ensure it perfectly aligns with your vision.
CREATION Once you approve the design, we'll initiate the production of your jewelry pieces in the quantities and with the techniques you've selected. Our skilled artisans will apply their meticulous craftsmanship, or we'll leverage advanced CAM processes as needed. Your jewelry will soon be ready for both selling and wearing.

OEM Jewelry

  • Consult with the jewelry brand on design needs and specifications
  • Create CAD models and renderings based on the desired jewelry pieces
  • Develop prototypes and samples for design approval
  • Use CAD files to precision cut wax models for mold making
  • Create high quality silicone or rubber molds for each jewelry design
  • Make any adjustments needed to molds after review
  • Cast jewelry pieces from molds using chosen materials like gold, silver, etc.
  • Set diamonds, gems and other stones into jewelry settings
  • Solder and assemble all jewelry components
  • Rigorous inspections at multiple stages of production
  • Testing for defects, durability, safety, fineness of metals
  • Ensure all specifications and compliance standards are met
  • Hand or machine polishing of jewelry to finalize shine and luster
  • Apply protective coatings or plating if required
  • Package finished jewelry in secure containers
  • Label with any required branding, logos, or other markings
  • Ship completed orders to the jewelry brand

Private Label Jewelry

In an industry where every private label jewelry manufacturer strives for a competitive edge, the challenge lies in meeting consumer expectations while upholding impeccable quality and staying on-trend. For businesses, this quest for excellence takes center stage.

Private labeling offers a solution, presenting your brand with top-notch, market-ready custom jewelry at competitive rates. It’s your key to sidestep the complexities of creating and developing your product line. Discover Rexjewel’s private label service and unlock a world of stress-free access to world-class jewelry for your business.

Begin Your Jewelry Venture with 0.5

01 Share Your Design Files Our journey begins with you providing your design documents, allowing us to grasp your market requirements and your desire to leave a lasting impression.
02 Receive the Prototype Your design documents are transformed into 3D-rendered files and handed over to our production team to craft functional prototypes, ensuring consistency and quality.
03 Move to Bulk Production When you're satisfied with the prototype, we give our production team the go-ahead to commence mass production. Following rigorous inspections, we ship the finished jewelry straight to you.

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If you have questions, ideas, or inquiries about our jewelry manufacturing services, we're here to listen and provide the information you need. We look forward to connecting with you and exploring how we can bring your jewelry visions to life with craftsmanship and creativity.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

If you have questions, ideas, or inquiries about our jewelry manufacturing services, we're here to listen and provide the information you need. We look forward to connecting with you and exploring how we can bring your jewelry visions to life with craftsmanship and creativity.

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