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Your Trusted Custom Gold Jewelry Manufacturer

Bring your gold jewelry visions to life with our custom manufacturing services. As an established OEM/ODM gold jewelry manufacturer, we turn your designs into finished pieces with quality craftsmanship. Customize every detail from materials to engravings and finishing. Our experts produce bespoke gold jewelry exactly to your specifications.

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Specialized Production for your Brand

3D jewelry Design Leveraging cutting-edge 3D design software, Rexjewel seamlessly translates your bespoke jewelry visions into tangible masterpieces with unmatched detail and precision. This advanced technology not only accelerates the design process but also allows for rapid, meticulous adjustments, ensuring your custom piece is crafted to perfection swiftly and efficiently.
Jewelry Mold Making At Rexjewel, our technicians bring over two decades of expertise to jewelry mold making, crafting durable, detailed molds from quality materials. Our precision-engineered, custom molds efficiently transform your unique designs from concept to finished product.
Sampling Service Experience Rexjewel's exemplary craftsmanship firsthand with our exclusive sampling service, designed to showcase how we can enhance your brand's brilliance. Simply submit your design documents, and let our captivating samples earn your trust and confidence in our expertise.
ODM Jewelry At Rexjewel, your success drives ours, fostering a partnership that begins with your initial concept and extends through the delivery of the finished piece. Engage in a collaborative three-step journey of discussion, design, and development, where your valuable input is integral to each milestone.
OEM jewelry Entrust Rexjewel with your OEM jewelry needs, where your vision is meticulously brought to life with unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Experience a seamless journey from concept to a dazzling finished product, all underlined by our commitment to quality, precision, and your brand’s unique essence.
Private Label Jewelry Leverage Rexjewel’s private label services to effortlessly receive trendy, high-quality custom jewelry that meets consumer demand, all at competitive prices. Eliminate the stress of product creation and development, and let your brand shine with our market-ready, world-class pieces.

Gold Jewelry Collections

As a distinguished gold jewelry manufacturer, Rexjewel takes an immense pride in our craft, embodying timeless elegance in every piece. We offer an array of services tailored to meet diverse business needs. Our expertise lies in crafting captivating custom designs that tell a unique story.

With the commitment that extends in providing exclusive private label products, allowing businesses to effortlessly expand brand’s offerings. Catering to bulk requirements, our wholesale catalog presents a curated selection that epitomizes sophistication.

With a legacy rooted in precision and innovation, our gold jewel factory stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of gold jewelry. Our devotion to quality and design sets us apart, making us the ideal partner for discerning businesses seeking to elevate their collections.

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From Concept to Craftsmanship, We Bring Your Vision to Life

01 Step 1: Optimal Material Consultation In the custom wholesale jewelry design process, our 3D design software guides us in selecting the most suitable materials to enhance the product's aesthetics. It provides a clear visualization of how your chosen material will complement the final piece.
02 Step 2: Realize Your Unique Vision Upon receiving your designs, we swiftly translate them into our 3D design tools, allowing us to create diverse samples. This enables us to enhance your custom jewelry in line with contemporary design trends while staying true to your original concept.
03 Step 3: Precise Transmission to Production Once your finalized jewelry design gains your approval, we transmit the file to our production team to craft functional samples. Our use of 3D design software ensures a seamless and error-free transfer of the design, maintaining its accuracy.
04 Step 4: Visualize Your Product Our design tools not only offer visual representations of your custom jewelry project but also transform your ideas into tangible images. This simplifies the process of making significant changes and experimenting with various styles for your selection.
05 Step 5: Identify and Resolve Structural Concerns During the design phase, we proactively detect potential issues with the final custom jewelry design, addressing them before entering the production stage to ensure structural integrity.
06 Step 6: Cost-Effective Design without Compromising Appeal Leveraging 3D design software allows us to explore endless design and material combinations without the need for physical materials, resulting in significant cost savings while maintaining the desired aesthetic appeal.

Why Choose Rex Jewelry

Rely on Rexjewel for translating your unique jewelry designs into tangible masterpieces. With over a decade of seasoned experience, we navigate through intricate designs and various materials seamlessly, transforming your creative ideas into marketable and exquisite jewelry pieces for your brand.

At Rexjewel, quality is non-negotiable. Our manufacturing facilities proudly hold certifications from top industry authorities, ensuring that the custom jewelry you receive is not just stunning but also meets the highest international standards of quality and reliability.

Distinguish your brand with custom jewelry crafted from an extensive array of high-quality materials. Our deep relationships with trusted suppliers and a robust supply chain allow us to offer unparalleled material variety without compromising on quality, ensuring your designs are both unique and premium.

Quality is integral to Rexjewel’s manufacturing process. To ensure each piece mirrors our commitment to excellence, meticulous quality control measures are embedded at every production phase, with experienced auditors diligently examining each product batch prior to packaging.

Rexjewel champions sustainable jewelry production. Beyond utilizing premium and durable materials, we are deeply committed to crafting each jewelry piece with eco-conscious practices, from responsible sourcing to minimizing our environmental impact, aligning with the growing demand for responsible manufacturing.

Experience unmatched after-sales service with Rexjewel. From addressing your inquiries promptly to resolving any production-related issues effectively, our dedicated support and expert teams work hand-in-hand to ensure a smooth and satisfying customer experience from start to finish.

Types of Gold Jewelry Designs

Gold Chains

Gold chains, exquisite in their craftsmanship, offer an array of captivating options for those seeking to adorn their collections. With intricate detailing and a wide range of patterns, gold chains exude opulence, complementing any ensemble effortlessly. Rexjewel, thoughtfully designed these pieces, seamlessly fuse tradition and contemporary aesthetics, making them a valuable addition to any discerning collection.

Gold Rings

Discover an enchanting array of gold rings that encapsulate the essence of elegance. Crafted with a keen eye for detail, gold rings stand as miniature sculptures, each telling a unique story. For instance, those classic solitaires to intricate designs adorned with precious stones, these rings cater to a spectrum of preferences. These rings resonate with opulence and style, ensuring clientele’s desires are met with unparalleled allure.

Materials of Gold Jewelry

Immerse the offerings in the resplendent world of 18k gold jewelry. Renowned for its opulent radiance and enduring quality, this material choice sets a standard of excellence. Crafted with precision and ingenuity, Rexjewel’s 18k gold jewelry pieces exude timeless sophistication. Elevate inventory with pieces that embody luxury, each meticulously designed to captivate the discerning connoisseur.

Dive into the allure of 14k gold jewelry, a harmonious blend of elegance and durability. Prized for its versatile charm, this material selection presents an array of captivating designs. These 14k gold jewelry pieces, is a testament to the mastery of gold jewelry manufacturers, resonate with unparalleled craftsmanship. With its pieces that reflect both modern sensibilities and a nod to the classic, it offers a diverse range of clients.

Crafted with sustainability in mind, these exquisite range of recycled gold jewelry embodies the perfect blend of elegance and environmental consciousness. By utilizing reclaimed gold, it offer a premium selection of jewelry that carries a powerful narrative of responsible sourcing. Rexjewel’s pieces tells a story of reduced ecological impact, appealing to the eco-conscious sensibilities of the businesses clientele.

The warm and alluring hues of rose gold create a unique aesthetic that complements a diverse range of styles. From delicate chains to intricate statement pieces, this assortment showcases the versatility of rose gold, allowing customers to express themselves through jewelry that exudes sophistication. With a timeless appeal and a touch of contemporary flair, rose gold jewelry is a must-have addition to the inventory.

Why is Gold Used for Jewelry

Gold is used for jewelry due to its remarkable combination of aesthetic appeal, durability, and cultural significance. Rexjewel uses its lustrous, warm color and malleability, making it ideal for intricate designs and settings that enhance the beauty of gemstones. Gold is highly resistant to tarnish, corrosion, and rust, ensuring that jewelry maintains its brilliance over time.

Its scarcity and historical association with wealth and prestige also contribute to its desirability in adornments. Moreover, gold’s hypoallergenic properties make it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, minimizing the risk of irritation or allergic reactions. The enduring allure of gold as a symbol of luxury, status, and enduring value cements its place as a preferred choice for crafting exquisite jewelry pieces.

Brass or Gold How to Tell

Distinguishing between brass and gold can be done by observing key characteristics. Gold has a distinct, rich yellow color that remains consistent, while brass often has a more muted, yellow-brown hue. It is significantly heavier than brass of the same size. Brass tends to be more prone to tarnishing and corrosion compared to gold, which remains lustrous over time.

At some point, Rexjewel conduct a simple scratch test: gold is highly resistant to scratches, whereas brass is softer and more easily scratched. Professional jewelers and acid tests can provide more definitive identification, as acids react differently with gold and brass. Ultimately, a combination of color, weight, durability, and expert assessment can help determine whether a piece is made of gold or brass.

Gold Jewellery Manufacturing Process

Step#1 Design and Casting Preparation

The first step involves designing the jewelry piece using computer-aided design (CAD) software or by hand. Once the design is finalized, a wax or resin model of the piece is created. This model is then used to create a mold, into which molten gold will be poured for casting.

Step#2 Casting

According to an article on LinkedIn, the mold is heated to a temperature of 200 ° C to 280 ° C to melt the material, leaving behind a hollow space in the shape of the jewelry piece. During this phase, Rexjewel meticulously caste a material, preparing it to be poured into the mold and allowed to cool and solidify, taking on the desired form.

Step#3 Cleaning and Polishing

Once the cast gold piece is removed from the mold, it undergoes a cleaning process to remove any remaining residues. This is followed by various stages of polishing to achieve a smooth, shiny surface. Jewelers use different tools and abrasive materials to refine the piece’s appearance.

Step#4 Setting Gemstones

If the jewelry design includes gemstones, they are carefully set into the piece at this stage. Jewelers use techniques like prong, bezel, or pave settings to secure gemstones in place. This requires precision and skill to ensure the stones are held securely and beautifully displayed.

Step#5 Final Finishing and Quality Control

The final step involves additional detailing and finishing touches. Any last-minute adjustments, such as adjusting the size of rings or refining intricate details, are made. The piece then goes through a thorough quality control check to ensure it meets the desired standards of craftsmanship and appearance before being packaged and made ready for sale.

How to Design Gold Jewelry

Designing gold jewelry involves a creative process that begins with conceptualization. Determine the type of jewelry piece, consider the target audience, and sketch initial ideas. Utilize computer-aided design (CAD) software or traditional techniques to refine the design, incorporating intricate details and gemstone placements.

As from my experiences, paying attention to proportions and aesthetics, ensures the piece is both visually appealing and structurally sound. Collaboration with Rexjewel as an experienced jewelers and considering manufacturing feasibility will help in creating a final design ready for production.

5 Considerations When Buying Gold Jewelry

#1 Purity Standards

The purity of gold is measured in karats (not to be confused with “carats,” which is a measure of gemstone weight). Some example of the most common karatages for gold jewelry are 24K (pure gold), 18K, 14K, and 10K. Higher karatage indicates higher purity, but it also means the gold is softer and more prone to scratching. Choose a karatage that balances purity with durability according to the preferences.

#2 Hallmarks and Authenticity

Hallmarks are specific markings, such as stamps or engravings, found on items made from precious metals like gold or silver. They play a crucial role in establishing the authenticity and quality of these items. Rexjewel, validate its authenticity and quality, empowering business owners to confidently acquire genuine gold products that align with industry norms by understanding regional hallmarking standards.

#3 Design and Craftsmanship

Meticulous evaluation of design and craftsmanship is paramount. The interplay of intricate details, symmetry, and finishing significantly impacts both visual appeal and long-term durability. Well-crafted jewelry tends to maintain and potentially appreciate in value over time.

#4 Gemstone Quality and Setting

When considering pieces with gemstones, the gemstone’s quality in terms of cut, clarity, and color is essential. Equally crucial is the assessment of the setting that secures the gemstones. Secure settings not only safeguard the stones but also ensure the jewelry’s longevity.

#5 Price and Market Trends

Understanding the dynamics influencing gold prices, including global economic shifts and demand fluctuations, is key. Regular monitoring of market trends empowers business owners to gauge whether the offered price is aligned with prevailing market values, facilitating informed purchasing decisions.

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If you have questions, ideas, or inquiries about our jewelry manufacturing services, we're here to listen and provide the information you need. We look forward to connecting with you and exploring how we can bring your jewelry visions to life with craftsmanship and creativity.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

If you have questions, ideas, or inquiries about our jewelry manufacturing services, we're here to listen and provide the information you need. We look forward to connecting with you and exploring how we can bring your jewelry visions to life with craftsmanship and creativity.

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