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How Rexjewel Drove 40% Growth for Safari Sparkles through Strategic OEM Partnership


Mr. Ochieng approached Rexjewel seeking reliable OEM solutions to not only maintain but enhance Safari Sparkles’ prestigious brand image in the competitive jewelry market. With a keen eye for unique designs and a requirement for adaptable production capabilities, Mr. Ochieng believed that Rexjewel was the ideal partner to bring Safari Sparkles’ visions to life.


Mr. Ochieng, the pivotal Procurement Manager at Safari Sparkles.

Current Problem

Safari Sparkles struggles to find a production partner that offers both cost-effectiveness and flexibility in handling diverse order volumes.


With a necessity for adaptable OEM solutions, they need a partner who can seamlessly manage fluctuating order volumes, especially during the peak festive seasons. Moreover, integrating unique, eye-catching designs is imperative for staying competitive and appealing to their discerning customer base.

Current Situation of Customer Company

Safari Sparkles has built a reputation for premium quality jewelry in Nairobi, but sustaining this image demands constant innovation and cost management. The market dynamics during festive seasons present a challenge, with demand for products surging unpredictably. Mr. Ochieng found it hard to locate a dependable OEM partner who could balance cost and quality while adapting to these market fluctuations.

In-Depth Investigation for Demands

Our team at Rexjewel embarked on a meticulous analysis of Safari Sparkles’ requirements. We noticed their demand for a partner who wasn’t only capable of producing high-quality products but also flexible enough to handle volume variations without sacrificing the quality or delivery time.

Through a series of collaborative discussions and workshops with Mr. Ochieng and his team, we delved deeper into understanding the brand’s design ethos and market positioning. This insight was crucial in crafting a production and delivery plan that was not just cost-effective but also aligned with their strategic market objectives.

What Did We Do?

Customized OEM Solutions

Developed tailored OEM solutions, offering a blend of cost-effective and high-quality jewelry production, aligned with Safari Sparkles’ brand image.

Flexible Production Plans

Implemented adaptable production schedules to manage and promptly fulfill orders of varying volumes, especially during high-demand festive seasons.

Design Collaboration

Engaged in close collaboration with Safari Sparkles’ design team to introduce unique, market-aligned jewelry pieces that enhanced the brand’s appeal and competitive edge.

Product Expansion Fuels Business Growth!

40% Growth

Safari Sparkles experienced a robust 40% increase in sales within the first year of our partnership, underpinned by Rexjewel’s flexible and reliable OEM solutions.

Expanded Product Range

Through the introduction of 20 distinctive and innovative designs, Safari Sparkles expanded their product portfolio, attracting 15% more customers from new segments.

Strengthened Brand Image

Our commitment to quality and the introduction of unique designs resulted in a 25% improvement in Safari Sparkles’ brand strength index within the market.


“I can confidently say that partnering with Rexjewel was one of the best decisions we made for Safari Sparkles. Their unparalleled commitment to quality, flexibility, and innovation has not only fueled our growth but also significantly elevated our brand presence in the market. Working with them feels like having an extension of our own team, always ready and eager to bring our visions to life!”

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