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Rexjewel’s Expert Solutions Elevate Luminous Legacy's E-Commerce Success by 70%


In an ambitious project, Rexjewel partnered with the energetic Ms.Mendes to address the major challenges her brand, Luminous Legacy, was facing amidst rapid e-commerce growth and expansion. This collaboration aimed not only to meet but exceed customer expectations by marrying unique, high-quality designs with timely delivery services.


Ms.Mendes is the devoted Brand Manager at Luminous Legacy.

Current Problem

She is struggling with maintaining product quality and delivery times during a period of intense online expansion.


Ms.Mendes urgently needed avant-garde Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) solutions to regularly refresh Luminous Legacy’s online catalog with modern and appealing designs without compromising on the quality or delivery timelines of custom and intricate pieces.

Current Situation of Customer Company

Luminous Legacy is navigating through the thrilling yet challenging waves of swift e-commerce growth. The brand is grappling with not only ensuring timely deliveries but also maintaining the quality of its uniquely designed pieces. Ms.Mendes is particularly concerned about consistency in the quality of custom designs, which are the brand’s hallmark and customer favorite.

In-Depth Investigation for Demands

Through a meticulous demand investigation, Rexjewel identified that Luminous Legacy needed a reliable partner for innovative ODM solutions. The analysis revealed a necessity for a dynamic range of designs that are not only contemporary but also feasible for efficient production and delivery.

Upon diving deeper, it was unmistakable that the demands were indeed complex. Consistently updating the portfolio with engaging designs while guaranteeing uncompromised quality and swift delivery of both regular and custom pieces, necessitated a blend of innovative, technical, and logistical prowess.

What Did We Do?

Customized ODM Solutions

Rexjewel provided tailored ODM solutions to Luminous Legacy, regularly supplying innovative and marketable designs, thus keeping their catalog fresh and enticing.

Quality Assurance Protocols

Implemented stringent quality assurance protocols for both standard and custom pieces, ensuring every product delivered is up to the brand’s high standards.

Logistics Partnership

Developed a robust logistics partnership to guarantee timely deliveries, even during peak demand periods, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

From Expansion to Excellence!

Design Expansion Success

Successfully augmented Luminous Legacy’s online portfolio with over 150+ new designs within the first quarter, seeing a 70% increase in online engagement.

Quality Assurance Triumph

With the new quality assurance protocols in place, customer returns due to quality issues dropped by 30%.

Logistical Enhancement

The strengthened logistics meant a 25% improvement in delivery times, enhancing customer satisfaction and repeat business significantly.


“Working with Rexjewel has been a game-changer for Luminous Legacy. Their unparalleled support, innovative designs, and commitment to quality have not only alleviated our challenges but also propelled us to new heights in the e-commerce jewelry space. Our customers love the new designs, and we’ve seen a tangible improvement in both sales and customer satisfaction. Thanks, Rexjewel, for being a dependable partner in our journey!”

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