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How RexJewel Helped Eclat Boost Sales by 35%


In this transformative project, RexJewel partnered with Eclat Gems & Jewelry to address and overcome their challenges in maintaining consistent quality in mass-produced jewelry and swiftly responding to custom design needs, ultimately leading to a significant boost in sales and customer satisfaction.


Ms. Torres, the dynamic CEO and owner of Eclat Gems & Jewelry located in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California.

Current Problem

Ms. Torres is facing the challenge of maintaining consistent quality across her mass-produced jewelry lines.


Eclat needed a reliable partner that not only ensured quality but also swiftly crafted custom designs and modifications for their discerning, high-end clientele. Amid the capricious tides of jewelry trends, Ms. Torres sought a collaborator who could adeptly navigate and anticipate the seasonal demands, crafting pieces that resonated with timeless elegance and contemporary style.

Current Situation of Customer Company

Eclat found it tough to maintain quality while producing large volumes. The market in Los Angeles is competitive, and high-end clients were asking for quick, customized designs which Eclat found hard to deliver. Additionally, seasonal trends in the jewelry market presented another layer of complexity to their production planning and execution.

In-Depth Investigation for Demands

RexJewel conducted an extensive investigation to understand Eclat’s specific needs and challenges better. We observed that they were in a tight spot, needing to produce trendy yet quality products swiftly to meet the demands of their high-end clients every season. This required not just craftsmanship but also a deep understanding of market dynamics and customer preferences to ensure that each piece was both timely and timeless.

In response to this, we closely examined their production processes, explored the market trends in their specific niche, and engaged with their design team. Through this comprehensive analysis, we were able to identify the precise areas where RexJewel could step in and provide the necessary support and solutions, ensuring that Eclat could confidently meet and exceed their clients’ expectations season after season.

What Did We Do?

Improved Quality Control

RexJewel introduced strict quality checks to ensure consistent quality in all of Eclat’s products.

Quick Custom Designs

We assigned a team to work with Eclat for fast custom designs, meeting client demands promptly and accurately.

Seasonal Trend Analysis

RexJewel helped Eclat keep up with jewelry trends, planning and producing relevant products each season.

Trendy Products, Bigger Market Share!

Quality-Driven Sales Boost

With improved quality, Eclat saw a 35% increase in sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Swift Custom Design Delivery

Our team helped speed up the custom design process, cutting down production time by 50%.

Market Share Growth

With products that follow the latest trends, Eclat enjoyed a 25% growth in their market share.


“Working with RexJewel has been a game-changer for Eclat. They’ve helped us improve our product quality and design process significantly. Now, we can quickly offer products that our clients love, and our sales have increased as a result. RexJewel has been a reliable and valuable partner for us.”

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